Friday, February 19, 2010

Yes, frivolous.

That'd be a good word to describe this. But blogs, in the universe of possibility, are a small thing, and this one is meant not to heal the world's ills but to address a small thing: I dress like a schlub (that's the right way to say that, isn't it? Spellcheck doesn't think so, but Spellcheck doesn't like Spellcheck either...) and I want to dress better. To that end, perhaps as often as daily, I will make note of what I am wearing as I go about my life as wife, mother, commercial actor and fiction writer, tender of horses, chickens, dogs and cat, here in the soggy Pacific Northwest.
Ironically, the day I write this first post, the weather is as fine as 2010 has provided. Mostly what we experience in the Pacific Northwest is rain and mud. When I look at fashion magazines from the East Coast, I see the winter wardrobe defined as one season of what-to-wear-in-the-cold. We don't really have that kind of cold here or that kind of season; what feels worse than cold and wintry to me is the wet and grey -- and in Poulsbo, where I live, mud -- we experience for nine or ten months of the year. Very few of the fine clothes I see in fashion magazines are suitable for life in the mud. I'll give you an example: I recently saw in a magazine a pair of rubber boots to be worn over shoes in the wintertime. Here, we just lose the shoes and wear the boots most of the time.
My sister once described my fashion needs as not "office to evening, but barn to evening," and I've collected clothes accordingly ever since.
Right now, I am dressed in a pair of... I had to check the button: Eddie Bauer jeans from the Goodwill in Silverdale, WA, and a grey-green, v-neck, cotton Banana Republic sweater of my brother-in-law's which I rescued from my sister's Goodwill donations. But this afternoon, I have an audition at a talent agency and I'll wear a fabulous Sweet Chemise ( dress I bought last night at The Finery( The dress is a sleeveless sheath, espresso, with a cream diamond pattern inlaid. The dark brown matches my hair. Michael gave me a great deal on it-- the dress, not my hair. I'll wear a pair of shoes I bought in Hood River a couple of years ago, brand: Indigo. Black leather, square-toed, with a strap. Lots of stitching and a French heel.
Thank you for reading! Most of my posts will not be so chatty. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, especially somewhere where you encounter lots of mud (so, like, Not Bellevue!), I'd like to hear what you wear and where you shop.


  1. Elea: For 15 years I wore Eddie Bauer slate khaki pants (size 33/30) with button down long sleeve shirts (M) because any combination of accoutrements fitting such kept me from having to do any shopping. All my purchases were online. The ease in acquiring these threads was only outmatched by the comfort in knowing my body would fit into these sizes like a quart of gravy in a gravy boat. My only problem is I lost 25 pounds last year. I needed to re-learn how to dress--a task I assumed would be much easier than it turned out to be. I had to go through a formal fitting at Macy's. Such a formal process logically led me to the purchase of 5 neckties and 2 bowties. And while my smart couture has not made me a smarter man, it makes me look the part. I'm thinking about adding a jacket with elbow patches next season.

    Jay Bates
    Puyallup, WA

  2. I've been enjoying your comments on my blog and until recently your username didn't link over to a blogger account but this morning it did... so here I am. I love the idea of your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my site. I'm looking forward to doing the same one yours.