Friday, March 19, 2010

Barn-to-Evening on the Road: Florida!

No photograph can capture the beauty of my father and stepmother's spot in Florida. Here's a shot from their top deck. I am so grateful to be here.
Of course, that barn-to-evening outfit that looked so urbane and sleek as I stepped on the plane at midnight at SEATAC (black Tread Air brogans, black Lululemon yoga pants, black cashmere sweater) looked ridiculously out of place at ten a.m. the next day in Fort Myers!
I shipped my Florida clothes via FedEx (and thanks, btw, to Uncle Fred for being the rare Republican to come out in support of our president's business policies), but it's been a bit chilly for Lily and Sweet Chemise these first few days.
There has been a trunk show on the Island that I'll be reporting on shortly, and one vendor smartly brought along a couple of gross of cashmere, merino and alpaca wraps that I bet sold like hotcakes.


  1. hi elea! why, ure my first friend on IFB. THANK YOU! to tell u the truth, being a new blogger, i really dont know what IFB is all about but i know its a good thing to join. lol. anywaise, i cant wait to catch up on ure blog. looks so intriguing!

    love and blessings,

  2. oh woww that is a gorgeous view! Those shoes are so cute, I love the design.