Monday, March 8, 2010

I Asked Readers: What Did You Wear Today in the Pacific Northwest?

Rachel writes:

Low rise Paperboy khakis, off-
white cable knit zippered cardigan hoody, light pink Converse Jack Purcell low tops, and a tailored leatherette BCBG blazer
accented with jungle red kid gloves. Three out of five of which were purchased at the Capitol Hill Value Village.

A couple of responders I agree to keep anonymous hit me back.

Anonymous #1:
Today is acceptable, but
only acceptable. I'm wearing a silver hand-me-down shirt, grey blazer and
slacks and the world's most comfortable heels.

Shoes by Born and top by Krizia D.

Anonymous #2 writes:

walking shoes, work-out capri's layered with polar fleece pants, work-out top layered with l/s henley, polar fleece t-neck & down vest with polar fleece hat.
do not mention my name, def. a "Glamour Don't" today!!

Poet Jill Johnson, who normally resides in the San Juan Islands, is wearing spring colors and warm layers in Nebraska:

I'm headed to a Randall Kenan reading at the Center for Great Plains Studies (even though he lives in Chapel Hill) wearing eucalyptus cords, a pale blue and white striped shirt under a foamy green wool sweater interspersed with watercolor hints of that same pale blue. Cowboy boots. sparkly earrings, brown trench. That's how we roll in the Midwest. Nothing matches. No one cares.

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