Saturday, March 27, 2010

Keep the Shoulders Warm Also

My sister has lived in the Pac NW for almost twenty years, more than twice as long as I. She and I have regularly discussed just what parts of us we have to keep warm in order to be comfortable. What I mean is, over these years of drafty and damp, we've discovered that if certain key parts of the bod are protected, then other parts will be cozy even if exposed. For eg: if our ankles are wrapped up, then we don't mind our legs being bare. That's why tights work with boots and a skirt, or why you could even wear a skirt with no tights as long as you have on boots, or legwarmers or a nice pair of socks (and I don't mean Burkenstocks and Uptight Seattelite socks, but something like this). And if the back of the neck is cuddled up and safe from the aforementioned d&d, then you might be able to get away with a sweater rather than a full-blown-coat, because who wants to tote a coat nine months out of the year also?
Now, these sisterly experiments have been helpful but I must confess that I tend to be a lot colder than the sister. (Also, she has become a tri-athlete and is now training for her first half ironman (!!!!) and has hot, sportsbabe blood running through her veins at all times even though she's as slender as a reed. Also.) I need not just a warm neck, but warm shoulders! Also: arms and upper back!
Also, I am no runner. True, I run to Kingston or to Central Market, but that's in the Volvo. And while I'm doing that, I need to look good and keep warm.
To that end, I have three cropped cardigans, the newest of which is pictured at right and is also available on ebay right here (what a world! I googled that shit and up it popped).  The tube top available on ebay is overkill, but you wouldn't have to wear them together.
I scored my cardigan without the tube for twelve bucks at Boca Bargains, the Boca Grande (FL) Women's Club's thrift store. It's a bit overwhelming, that place, especially in the high season. Some friends and I stopped to talk and were glared at for blocking traffic, but if you are willing to muscle your way through the sea of elbows, you can find some good stuff.

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