Saturday, March 13, 2010

Skirts, Mud and Looking Good

I love the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection. My first thought on seeing those dresses and skirts in the below-the-knee length was "Oooo, sexy!" The very idea of covering something up (!) is sexy!
In the right fabrics, these clothes, especially the skirts, are great for our barn-to-evening conditions. I love a hunk of skirt-cloth to pick up as I pick my way through the muck. Change from barn boots to pumps and you're ready for the market, or for dinner and a movie.

For most of our nine months of dank, I'd choose a sturdy merino wool. Some of the Vuitton skirts were lined, which is a luxury I'm not sure the barn permits -- perhaps too much to keep clean. The wool brushes off clean once the dirt is dry, and when you get it dirty (notice I didn't say "if") you could just think of it as you would a Persian rug or a vintage Pendleton blanket: those aren't stains, they're character marks.

In the winter of 1983, my dad and I drove from Manhattan to Annandale-on-Hudson in a blinding blizzard. I had on a brown wool skirt, yoke-waisted, cut on the bias, and in this same mid-calf length. Plus, it had pockets! Couldn't have wished for a better garment for visiting colleges in a snowstorm.

I probably had on tights, but these days, I prefer cashmere leggings.
True, they bag-out at the knees eventually, and much sooner than you'd like considering what you'll pay for a nice pair, but man, are they cozy.

Here's an image of some Donna Karan cashmere leggings that would set you
back about five hundred dollars, but Victoria's Secret and The Find have more reasonable prices on cashmere-blend leggings.

And up top? In 1983, I probably wore a sweater of my dad's, but I wonder why I felt like I had so much to hide. How about something fitted and low-cut? You can always pile on scarves or shrugs or both....

This dress from Urban Outfitters would make a great top:

And so would this bodysuit:

And they're both on sale.

The last time I shopped Urban Outfitters I was not legal to vote, and I find it hard to support a business that does SO much business -- where is all the fabric coming from? And who made it? But check out their sale page. Urban Outfitters won't feel unduly encouraged if you buy at such a deep discount and there's plenty of cute stuff.

And that bodysuit reminds me: I think we in the Pac NW should get a special extension on the wearing of velvet. And especially in Kitsap County. We need as many beautiful fabrics on as many people for as many months as possible. Valentine's Day is about six weeks too early to quit with the warm, cozy, lush fabrics; how about Easter? Or May Day?

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  1. Louis Vuitton was so 50's romantic this time :) love the bodysuit you picked out too!

    Great blog!