Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Girl Has the Right Idea

I always check out what Christine's got on. Her style is cheerful, practical and surprisingly up-to-the-moment considering she probably never reads Vogue.

Here she is on a typical school day.

A pink plaid coat with butterscotch and cream details; a Pucci-inspired dress, empire
waist, in a satiny polyester (playground-practical).
The bubbly design of the dress contrasts nicely with the rigor of the plaid, yet the dress and coat are tonally similar. Christine, you've got such an eye! You're going to make a great stylist.
And to bring it all home to the Pac NW, instead of tights, she's wearing jeans and the lastest boot -- not an Ugg, which is so 2008, but a suede, furred boot with a lace up the front.
She's warm, she's layer and yet she looks really cute. Of course, Christine always looks cute.

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