Monday, March 15, 2010

Waypoint Sara

My beautiful friend Sara is the field rep for Waypoint Outdoor -- -- which means she gets to run around the countryside and do stuff like ski and 'board and rock climb and basically have fun for a living.
She travels for KEEN and Arc'teryx and a whole bunch of other brands that keep us cozy and looking good in the Pac NW.

Here's her apparel report after a weekend of skiing:

"I'm pleased to announce that I washed my jeans this weekend, so they're a little better than the last time we chatted wardrobe! My top today is:


Naturally Bamboo is the life-work of April Johnson Femrite, an awesome, go-get-'em, hardbody who should be out here in the Upper Left Hand Corner with the rest of us.

Friend Sara and follow her adventures here:

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