Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Cute is Where You Find It

Belt worn by woman behind the counter at the gas station. Yes, those are snuff containers on the counter at right. Yes, they kind of match the colors of her belt.
She also had on some baggy, men's trousers. She looked good.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Match this Kitsap Palette: Wayne's Tractor

I'm getting into this industrial theme, what with Lady Spring all sprung and pink. Ix-nay on the INK-pay! Give me some hard, penetrating colors.

This from last spring's Clemens-en-August collection. I really, really admire how these guys work. Limited edition, edgy but wearable, and they have no permanent storefront, just a series of openings in art galleries.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Match this Kitsap Palette: Hubcap

Twice now, I've posted Match this Kitsap Palette posts which are heavy on the orange and black. I'm no pumpkin fan.... Okay, um, that's a lie. I'm a huge pumpkin fan. But I guess what I mean to say is, I'm not really a big Halloween fan, so that's not why my eye is drawn to that color combination. But I do love the color orange, and I really appreciate contrast, especially in the spring in the Pac NW, because there are too many muted, lovely-lady, well-behaved colors: twenty-seven shades of green; cloudy, foggy grays; lavender-shmavender up the wazzoo. Enough! Give me something loud and bright and in-your-face. A bright, shining orange hubcap.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitsap School Shoes

The elementary school girls of Kitsap County are a bottomless source for design and assembly ideas. Want to wear jeans but seems too drab? Want to wear a tutu but it's too dang cold? The solution is at hand! Wear whatever you want!
Resourceful, practical and lyrical -- totally barn-to-evening.
Here's a collection of recent elementary school shoe sightings.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life's What's Happening When You're Busy Googling Other Things

I was researching a favorite label for a blog post and came across English Retreads, who seem to be good folks doing quality work and doing their part morally.
Of course, I love a good bag (my sister is the Queen o' Bags and most of the bags I love have come from her), but I absolutely do not rush out and buy the bag of the moment or the bag of the season or even the bag of the year, and not just because I don't want to spend the sick amount of money these things require but because it bugs me to think that here's a large amount of time, money, cow or polyester, carbon, in short: resources, going into something that does not keep you warm and dry.
But I like what these guys do. These are enduring design values, good economic values, and high environmental values. They get inner tubes from truck stops! Yay, English Retreads.

(And P.S., they have stuff for boys, including some stud-ly bags and belts.)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Green Nod

Maria, at Bachman's Sparrow, was kind enough to give me a Sunshine Award on Friday, thank you VeRY MuCH!
Maria is doing beautiful work, steadily and handsomely combining a love of beautiful things with social and environmental awareness. I'm grateful for her voice and give her blog my highest recommendation.
I got to thinking and decided I'd offer an award of my own to some of my favorite blogs. I'll call it the Green Clean Shirt Off My Back Award, and I'm sending it out to five fun fashion and lifestyle champions I check out daily.

Maria's at the top of my list.

Next comes the lovely Dana's It's My Darlin'. You've probably heard me go on about Dana before. She never over-bills herself, she doesn't go on and on about the latest sales, she just goes about Seattle with her camera capturing street styles. Keep it up, Dana!

It's Sew My Style gets a green nod for her willingness to MaKE stuff, a skill I envy and one which defies consumerism. Even when she's shopping, she's really good at looks-for-less and shop-your-closet styles.

Oh no! I can only choose two more! This is going to be harder than I thought....

Evoluer has a beautiful, uncluttered and accessible layout, but that's not the only reason I check to see what she's up to every day. Her focus is What to Wear on Your Bike, and I just KnOW if I were living in a bike-and-skirt friendly climate, I'd ride mine more often.

And of course, I've got to shout out to the woman who started me on this path, the lovely and talented and willing-to-say-anything Deanna Duke at Crunchy Chicken. I could go on, but I'll let Deanna speak for herself. 

Thanks for all your good words, fellow bloggers!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy Kitsap Round-up -- Buy Local without Leaving Your Bed

Pretty, cozy and pretty-cozy:

from Neferstiemade. Just don't try to pronounce that!

And what's more Kitsap than a pair of Navy trousers?

Find these at Eye Covet Vintage.

Mi Regalo's making classy tote bags in Bremerton:

I'm not much of one for the jewelry, but there's almost no end to Kitsap baubles on Etsy. One that caught my eye: Keep up with the cupcake craze with these ridiculously inexpensive earrings from On Beyond Zebra

Also in the tiny-things department, refrigerator magnets from Lucki Penni.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Match this Kitsap Palette: Clothes by Eloisa in Poulsbo

Green dress by A to Z, good folks who are designing clothes in our very own Seattle; heathered brown dress by T and A Collection; cream knitted wrap with cool pockets, suitable for barn-to-evening if you wrap those long sleeves around your neck like a scarf while you're mucking out (but you could also put fresh eggs in the pockets!) and lacy vest by Mystree.
Eggs by Raspberry Ridge Farm on Big Valley Road. 
I was surprised how affordable these things were at Eloisa, located on Front Street in beautiful downtown Poulsbo.

Barn-to-Evening Goes Bazaar!

Meanwhile, here's Miley Cyrus in a very, very B-to-E get-up. Satiny over-hauls in a debutante length skirt. Doesn't get more Barn-to-Evening than that.
Photo by Peter Lindberg, via Harper's Bazaar, via Talkingmakeup.com

Sunday, April 4, 2010

You've Heard of "Country-come-to-Town?"

My beautiful sister, who lives in town, came to the country!

This is a woman so classy, she makes everything, including the most faux of faux-leather jackets, look good.

Mauve wool sweater, dark green knit skirt with beaded hem, pink knitted tights, socks, nicely scuffed boots, in honor of B-to-E.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Earth Tones, Rugged Fabric and a Touch of Wacky Glamour

Very Barn-to-Evening.
From the Sartorialist, via WonderWool.

Kitsap Palettes

Izumi's purple bike and purple coat.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Plant a Tree with Sport Haus and Chaco

The boys and I always love shopping at Sport Haus in Poulsbo Village. It is CraMmED with Pac NW styles by good ol' Columbia Sportswear and Prana and the like.
This month (no foolin'!) when you buy a pair of Chaco shoes at Sport Haus, the folks at Chaco will go out and plant a dang tree. So get in there and get you some Chaco kicks!

Souchi Designs for us

The store, next time your in Portland, 807 NW 23rd Ave., or online here.