Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy Kitsap Round-up -- Buy Local without Leaving Your Bed

Pretty, cozy and pretty-cozy:

from Neferstiemade. Just don't try to pronounce that!

And what's more Kitsap than a pair of Navy trousers?

Find these at Eye Covet Vintage.

Mi Regalo's making classy tote bags in Bremerton:

I'm not much of one for the jewelry, but there's almost no end to Kitsap baubles on Etsy. One that caught my eye: Keep up with the cupcake craze with these ridiculously inexpensive earrings from On Beyond Zebra

Also in the tiny-things department, refrigerator magnets from Lucki Penni.


  1. aqua cupcakes!!
    you're right--- I never realized how much barn to evening I do (I wear those boots all the time with hosiery). What would evening to barn to barn look like exactly?
    melina bee

  2. those cupcake earrings look delicious!! they will not be in my ear for too long! yum!
    new follower
    be mine too? ^

  3. I love the sweater! The plain-jane brown with the robin's egg blue buttons. Delightful!