Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitsap School Shoes

The elementary school girls of Kitsap County are a bottomless source for design and assembly ideas. Want to wear jeans but seems too drab? Want to wear a tutu but it's too dang cold? The solution is at hand! Wear whatever you want!
Resourceful, practical and lyrical -- totally barn-to-evening.
Here's a collection of recent elementary school shoe sightings.


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  2. Cute! I like the mis-matched shoes, very charming. I've noticed in the Japanese street style blogs, it's very fashionable right now to wear mis-matched (yet coordinating) socks. looks like it's big in your Kitsap elementary as well.

  3. fun fun, don't you just love sneakers. cute post.

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  4. "wear whatever you want" i like that idea! cute photos!

  5. I remember trading my sneakers with my friends in middle school! So cute.

    xoxo maria