Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alternative Apparel Basics

I just gorged on Alternative Apparel, 'cause it's May and I'm still freezing and I want a bunch of cute layering pieces.
After I went through checkout, they sent me a coupon for 15% off, which I immediately turned around. Yeah, they got me.
All Alternative Apparel and so much more is available at the Barn-to-Evening General Store, just a click away.
They're making it hard (read: impossible) to get the images from their site, so I'm culling from elsewhere, but it's all AA and available through them or from B-to-E GS.
(The AA model was a lot hipper-looking and not so tartish.)

This awesome 1-button sweater, but in black.

That's Heidi's. Mine's dark brown.

And this isn't the greatest pic ever, but this is a collared, 5-button shirt made out of cotton jersey, which, for me, is a dream come true.


  1. yay! Elmo,you're back online! beautiful basic up there. when do we get to see beautiful YOU modeling your purchases for us? xo. -Bella Q

  2. oooo love collared shirts in jersey!

  3. Thanks, guys. Good to hear from you.