Monday, May 10, 2010

Five Ways to Look Good in the Mud

1. Wear stuff that washes off easily.
Black rubber boots, slickers. Even leather works if you wipe it down gently and don't mind some character marks. One word: Drover.

2. Try to blend in.
Tan, grey, a rhapsody in brown. Green, if it doesn't look too moldy.

3. Stand out!
Yellow! Orange! Fuchsia! In your face, mud!

From this awesome blog, Vintage Fringe.

4. Go all Edith Wharton on it.
Or McCabe and Mrs. Miller. We aren't the first generation to live in the mud. In fact, North Americans probably live in less mud than any previous age.  I love picking my skirts up to cross a puddle -- ladylike and tough at the same time.
From here.

5. Embrace it!
Wear your mud as a mark of honor -- you earned it, either through barn cleaning, gardening or slogging through a depressing day. I love going into the city with a little bit of earth on me. Feels really dirty in a clean way.....


  1. Love the "Mud" fashions. I own a great pair of rubber boots in plaid and love them! Although I am not a big fan of mud, I hate having wet feet.
    As always, I enjoy your outlook on life and fashions in the frontier west.

  2. Nice post! I like the "in your face, mud!" comment next to the neon bright boots. here, not so muddy, more like dusty.

  3. I love this post! No one knows mud better than us NW natives.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, too! My sister lives in Port Townsend so I have a special place in my heart for the peninsula!


  4. While recently driving cross continent from Poulsbo to New Orleans, spotted many winter ski areas touting their wears during what they call their "Mud Season". I braved the Oklahoma tornados and am now in Hollywood, Mississippi, where the mud is famous and my full length Australian Drover's Riding Coat comes in handy for both thunderstorms and fashion statements. K. Walker