Friday, May 28, 2010

What Should I Wear to the Prom?

I just got invited to a prom for 40-and-over! I can hardly wait!
Having worn plenty of floor-length dresses in my formalwear life (as Mrs. Formal Ware, for a number of newspaper events over the years), I would prefer to wear a cocktail dress and show off the last of my legs.
Here are some of my dress options. What do you think?


  1. All the options are lovely, but my favorites are dresses 2 and 3.

    I luv the notched neckline on dress no. 2. And black always looks classy.

    However, I also luv the melon color of dress no. 3. And if you're going to go body-conscious (which I'm thrilled you're considering, by the way), dress no. 3 is the way to go. Very Herve Leger. But I wouldn't pair it with black shoes (like they they did in the photo); I'd go with gold or silver ones- looks more summer-y.

    Dress no. 4 lacks pizazz. Maybe it needs a brooch at the waist.

    And dress no. 5 looks a little too sweet. Maybe it's the embroidery/tulle combo.

    You'll have to let us know which one you choose!

  2. i prefer the fourth one. and am looking forward to a photo of you at the prom. (i hope you get a wrist corsage)

  3. I like the fourth best, too. It is plain (my style is very simple so it would also be my pick for myself) but I find the shape flattering AND it will swirl around great on the dance floor! And of course, that's the point of going to a dance, right?

    Actually, if you're going to go and look incredible but not dance, I recommend the third one. The color is riveting. You probably can't move in it, but hey, sometimes it's all about the look. :-D

  4. Awesome Elea. You are definitely choosing classy over cheese. I love the last two. The second one also has a simple sexiness to it! Can't wait to see what you show up in!

  5. so fun!! i'm pretty impartial to the turquoise so the top one's my pick :)

  6. OMG that amazing dresses! I really love the last green!
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  7. I love dresses 2 and 3...the shape of dress 2 and the colour of dress 3, wish I could knock them together in fact.

    I'd definitely suggest no black shoes for either. Accessories and shoes in a popping colour would be perfect with the black dress, especially as the shoes would draw attention down and over your legs. Metallic is definitely the way to go with dress 3.

    Let us know which you choose :o) Where are they from?

    Laura x

  8. Love dresses 1 and 2! How exciting! :) I wish I could go to prom again...
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